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Top 6 Travel Golf Podcasts

by Jeff Helms April 29, 2019

Do you love the appeal of the podcast format? It really is the new way to learn information.

Podcasts can be perfect for those of us on the go. We can listen to them on our phone from anywhere! I love to listen to them while driving the Golf Cart.

According to Researchers on average 62 million people, a week are listening to a podcast. (There are over 700,000 podcast to choose from). They will cover so many different topics and get you sucked in.

Music, comedy, technology, TV & movies, and kids & family are among the most popular podcast genres. Sports are up there too, and golf has a particularly passionate following—from talk about the professional tours and instruction to the wealth of amazing destinations the game has to offer.

  1. Erik Anders Lang Show
  2. No Laying Up Podcast
  3. Golf Getaways Podcast
  4. Golf Advisor Podcast
  5. Fried Eggs Podcast
  6. Links Golf Podcast

While golf is predominantly a game played locally (more than 80% of all rounds are played within an hour of home), the golf travel business in the U.S. alone is a healthy $20.5 billion industry, according to the National Golf Foundation. Americans played in the neighborhood of 58 million rounds of golf last year while traveling, whether for business or leisure. As alluring as golf getaways are, there’s really not a wealth of podcast content that caters to this niche.

So, this list takes a closer look at six of the best golf podcasts (with a golf travel or destination element) that are worth a listen. Why six? Well, that’s because research shows that podcast listeners subscribe to an average of six different shows.

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