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Portugal’s Golf, Gastronomy, and Wine Scene

by Jeff Helms May 22, 2018

Portugal’s Golf, Gastronomy, and Wine Scene

Portugal is a country of great finds. It has amazing golf that you can’t get enough of, Food with such flavor and color to keep you wanting more as well as Wine that you can relax and enjoy the scenery.


Excellent courses in dazzling scenery where the fragrances of flowers and herbs blend in a blur of sensations… There are around 80 golf courses, some ocean-facing greens, flanked by cliffs and white sand dunes, others framed by lakes and mountains. Many have been designed by famous architects, such as Henry Cotton, Rocky Roquemore and Arnold Palmer. They all share environmental quality and harmoniously blend into the landscape.


Portugal’s cuisine is as rich and varied as its landscape!

The most standout feature of Portuguese cuisine comes from the ocean. As you enjoy a tasteful grilled fish you can be sure that you are in Portugal! Cataplanas, bouillabaisses and any other fish or seafood dish are also excellent choices. There are so many ways to enjoy the seafood, so make sure you are hungry.

Porto, Portugal cityscape on the Douro River.


Vineyards cover the hillsides and plains from the Minho to Faro!

In the North, VINHO VERDE: These light, bold, fresh and rather sensual wines are ideal with seafood and fish. The vineyards, which stretch from the Douro to the Minho, climb the trellises near the picturesque town of Valença on the border with Galicia and continue south, through Barcelos, Braga and the stately city of Guimarães, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Art and Culture

The land that is now Portugal has been inhabited for thousands of years and its national boundaries have been defined for eight centuries. This long history is reflected in a particular culture that is the result of the mixture of the many peoples who settled here. Plus, those that the Portuguese encountered on their journeys of Discovery.

Algarve, part of Portugal, travel target, verry nice

Unforgettable landscapes and beaches

The Douro Valley, Ribeira, Tagus river, Sintra, Alentejo, Vicentine Coast and Algarve Beaches… all indescribable expressions of natural beauty!

For such a small country, Portugal’s sheer variety of landscapes comes as a surprise. If you are seeking a new, interesting locale to test your skills, consider this trip!

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April J Harris May 28, 2018 - 1:30 pm

Portugal really is a wonderful place. We had a lovely visit there a few years ago. We don’t golf, but there sure were lots of golf courses! We sure did enjoy the food and wine though. Thank you for sharing. I’m featuring this post at the Hearth and Soul Link Party this week!

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