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Check Out These Bucket List Destinations For Every Age

by Misty Eilar July 9, 2019 1 comment
Check Out These Bucket List Destinations For Every Age

So you love to travel but you just don’t know where to go and if you can even afford to get away. You are in luck, you can make an affordable bucket list and hit a lot of amazing places without breaking the bank.


Tokyo. Japan. This busy city is infamous for being super expensive, but you can get away with doing it on a budget and have an amazing experience. With all the four and five-starred restaurants, you can find little side joints that offer delicious food for less than half the price. Tokyo’s accommodations are affordable and also very luxurious.


Seville, Spain. There are so many beautiful cities in Spain, but you can explore this picturesque city of Western Europe on a budget. One of the oldest hotels here is Hotel Alcantara and from this location, you can explore most of this quaint city by simply walking around. If you visit in October, you will miss the busy tourist season but keep in mind that Seville is hot all throughout the year. Also, get your tapas on at one of the many fabulous restaurants.


Puebla City, Mexico. You can always book a beach trip to a Mexico beach because there are so many of them. There is beautiful architecture such as the Cathedral of Puebla that took over 100 years to actually build. This city is also known as a major foodie destination, so pack up and hit this university town new Oaxaca and hit the beaches another time.


Sedona, Arizona. Not only are the amazing red rock formations of Sedona truly an American wonder of the Southwest. This cozy area is known for being a wondrous retreat for couples and fans of the great outdoors. There are many B&B’s to check out and to help make your stay even more memorable. You can also check out Oak Creek Canyon, which is located nearby and is considered a smaller version of the Grand Canyon.


Bora Bora, French Polynesian. This is not just a honeymoon destination. Known for its lush tropical surrounds and pristine beaches, Bora Bora is a couples paradise though and should not be missed if it’s in the cards for you. It’s a tad expensive but so worth the trip if you can make it happen. Who wouldn’t want to lie by the beach on a remote island? Save up, book it, and go…like now!


Machu Picchu, Peru. Known as “the lost city” of the Incas” this destination is an adventurer’s dream. The original Incan design of Machu Pichu was preserved and such beautiful architecture and should not be missed if you can get there in your lifetime. Also in this area is the Hyayna Picchu Mountains, which rise about the stone ruins over 900 feet where all of this scenery is absolutely stunning.


Santorini, Greece. A must visit on your bucket list are the black sand beaches of this Greek Island on the Aegean Sea. The bluest of blue waters surround you and the pristine city offers some of the friendliest people you will ever meet as a tourist. Not to mention all the delicious Greek food and a city filled with great music.

Check Out These Bucket List Destinations For Every Age

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